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モンゴルから日本へ -若きエンジニアの挑戦ー 2/2






▼How about actually working in Japan?

When I was in Mongolia, I worked on a project with ANTAS, so I knew a little about the culture and working style of Japanese companies. After working in Japan, I became able to understand and speak Japanese. The skills of engineers are also improving. I always do my best in my work.


アンタスのメンバーたちはとても親切だし優しいです。私は日本に始めて来ましたからわからないことがたくさんありました。わからないことがある時に私を手伝ってくれています。アンタスで働き始めて2週間ぐらいして「アビ君Welcome Party」をしました。そのパーティーでアンタスのメンバーたちは私が日本語が未だ下手なので、英語で自己紹介してくれました。その時に私はとてもビックリしました。

▼What about your job at Antas?

The members of ANTAS are very kind and friendly. Since I first came to Japan, there were many things I didn’t understand. They helped me when I had something I don’t understand. About two weeks after I started working at the ANTAS company, the company held an “Abi-kun Welcome Party” for me. At the party, the members of ANTAS introduced themselves in English. The reason for introducing themselves in English was that I was not good at understanding Japanese. At that time I was very surprised.




▼What skills did you improve in your life in Japan?

It’s been about a year since I came to Japan. It was a lot of fun and it was a learning period. It was a lot of fun, but I also had a hard time. I’m not good at Japanese, so for the first three months I always had Mr. Hama take care of me, having meetings, looking back, and receiving explanations about my work. In order to deepen communication in Japanese, I attended a Japanese language school once every two weeks, learned Dandelions in a volunteer class, and learned by myself. Then, in December 2019, I passed the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N4 level, and after continuing that behavior for about a year, I passed the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test N3 level in December 2020. My biggest growth is being able to speak Japanese.